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Welcome / Hydraulic sealings, fabric expansion joints, technical and polishing felts

Sema Ltd is a Polish manufacturer and distributor that specializes in technical seals and thermal insulation since 1986.
The main object of our activity is gasket materials, insulation and fabric expansion joints used in various fields of national economy. The company supplies many industrial branches, such as: power industry, heat engineering, refineries, steel industry, mines, paper factories, brickyards, shipyard industry, and many others. Sema has become a good mark of quality and achieved recognition on an international level, providing the products to Germany, France, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Libya, and Kazachstan.

In 2003 Sema company started to cooperate with American company SLADE, INC. in the range of a distribution of a new generation non-asbestos gasket sheets. Consequently, in 2003 the new generation of gasket composites type Pyro-Tex Gasket SheetTM was launched, which aim was to substitute asbestos sheets in the most demanding and responsible applications. Sema company is an exclusive distributor of aforementioned product in Poland.

Sema supplies the biggest industrial factories in Poland, including oil refiner "ORLEN", power plants: "PAK", "Bełchatów", "Turów", "Kozienice", "Opole", "Skawina", "Połaniec", copper and silver producer "K.G.H.M. Polska Miedź", nitrogen plants: "Puławy", "Tarnów", "Police", chemical factories: "Soda Mątwy", "Zachem", "Janikosoda", "Rokita","Firma Chemiczna Dwory", cement plants and many other industrial factories.


Sema is a reliable and trusthworthy company which puts the customers and their needs in the first place. We ensure professional service, skilled and experienced consultants, installation supervision and expert advice for customers. Moreover, we offer service, modernisation and testing of already existing industrial installations.

obrazek Have a look at Sema's wide range of products and services which, hopefully, will solve all exploitative problems connected with the branch. At the same time, we srongly believe that our offer will result in bilateral agreement and fruitful cooperation.